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Not missing the “M”

Cryptic headline, eh? Maybe it grabbed your attention. True, it doesn’t reveal much about what’s on my mind lately… Glad you asked…. While I am not about to divulge details or to impugn anyone’s motives or intent, let’s just say that

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Quick hits

I am way overdue for some observations on the passing scene. Each topic here is surely worth one or more full posts. I will defer at this time, though if someone wants to comment and request a fuller dialogue, I’m

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Stay thirsty, my friends!

I have to admit, I watched some of the wall-to-wall, commercial-free, all-crisis-all-the time coverage on the Toledo TV channel yesterday. Yes, I have some initial thoughts on the situation. (No time to start disappointing folks now….) First, as to the

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Random summer thoughts

No single topic today, just keeping the blog semi-warm while the mercury creeps back up as we expect in late July. My health lately has been a mixed bag. I never have been able to shake the constant paresthesia in my

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Socially transmitted disease

This troubling story, authored and disseminated by the Associated Press, appeared in my local newspaper this morning. Those of us who work in healthcare and deal in protected health information (PHI) on a daily basis can only shake our heads

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Computer scare

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. Today in my news feed I found a short article from the online site of Health Data Management magazine, Nurses Union Rails Against ‘Unproven’ Medical Technology. About the only thing I

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Putting the Flex through its paces

Nothing profound or political today. As I root for the elusive sun to come back out and warm us up—it appeared oh, so briefly a bit ago but retreated again—I guess I’ll just stay on the treadmill a bit longer

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