Bleeding edge

I knew I couldn’t hold out for long. Having some time available this evening, I went ahead and updated the laptop to Windows 8.1. Up to now I have spent as little time as possible in the Metro/Modern UI. Will see if 8.1 improves my experience any. The jury is out. Really annoying big black and orange boxes commanding me to use gestures even though I do not have a touchscreen, obscuring large swaths of the screen. I think I was able to banish them, at least for the moment. Several important browser add-ons show as incompatible with IE 11, especially Evernote. Looks like it’s back to Firefox for me. Also a Citrix file called pnamain.exe does not seem to like 8.1. Getting on to HPM and Epic from Citrix may be a challenge.

Desktop will have to wait. It is almost five years old and came from Dell with Vista on it. It is definitely time to do a clean install. In any event, I can’t get to the Windows Store since a month or two back when I got a bad infection with Sirefef. I was fortunately able to clean the Trojan off the machine, but ever since then, the Store and all of its apps fail to communicate through Windows Firewall. I have not been able to figure out how to fix that. No other way, it seems, to download Windows 8.1. (Not to mention the Weather app being frozen in time….)

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