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Well, it’s official. At least the grades are posted. I have completed my Master of Health Administration program, and sometime early next year will get the diploma to go with it. Lots and lots of work writing papers and participating in group projects. Due in part to my Type A nature, I would agree with the university’s estimate at the outset of an average of 15-20 hours per week dedicated to course work.

Now that it is done, I pledge to be more regular here and on the Twitter feed; while I perhaps could have kept them up in some limited fashion, the last two years have been all about simplifying what I could. Simple is still good, but I feel like I can unleash my voice a little more now. (Readers can judge whether that’s a good thing….)

There’s plenty of grist for the mill these days. The health insurance exchanges are proving to be a major dud, and there is no shortage of worry in my business. Buckle up with me for the challenging ride!

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