Long time, no blog

Also no tweets. Hopefully that hasn’t caused followers to desert my Twitter feed entirely, although that’s not top of mind for me currently.

The last couple of months have been very busy work-wise, and there’s definitely no time for me to share social insights then. And the last seven weekends have been filled up by fall quarter clinical instruction. But, that has now drawn to a close. I’ll have my weekends back. And, that may provide me the opportunity to get back in the swing of things with blog posts and tweets.

I know this is a teaser, but please stay tuned. There’s a very special recognition coming my way. I think it gets formally announced tomorrow, November 7. I’m not allowed to disclose it ahead of the press release, but it’s quite exciting and an honor I’m flattered to receive. Come back soon for more details and, I hope, a link to the story.

As my Facebook friends know, the end of this year brings a transition for me. I conclude eighteen years of part-time adjunct clinical faculty duties, and at the same time I return to the degree-seeking world myself. In January I begin taking classes in the online MHA program at Ohio University. Oh well, a different way to spend a big chunk of time every week. But there are reasons for going back to school after almost two decades away from the student role. More on that anon.


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