Memorial Day

Let’s all take some time to reflect on the reason why we observe this day — the sacrifices made by countless brave men and women who gave their lives in service to these United States. As with so many holidays in our “modern” society, this one has accumulated so much extra baggage that those just growing up may think we’re celebrating the “official beginning of summer” or some such rot. No, it’s to remember those who served and didn’t come back home, so that we can continue to enjoy our freedom and liberty. Will I also be firing up the grill later today? You betcha. But, first things first.

At the same time, I ask that we soberly consider the mentality that continues to put our soldiers and sailors in harm’s way on the other side of the globe. Maybe at one time America was good at nation building, but in the twenty-first century, not so much. Yes, we need a strong defense to preserve our liberty at home. Seems like for some time now, we have been spending lots of blood and treasure not in our own defense, but in a futile attempt to create little clones of ourselves in places without the philosophical or religious soil in which they can thrive and prosper. Hopefully we will come to terms with this in time to keep the rolls of the fallen heroes we commemorate each May from growing unnecessarily larger.


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