More pictures from Epic UGM

This post has been a bit delayed, but here it is, better late than never. I did not get home from UGM until late Thursday night, had a full day at work catching up on what piled up while I was gone (no, not done yet), endured a three-hour power outage after a Friday evening windstorm, and spent this weekend kicking off the fall quarter’s nursing clinical schedule. The thrice-a-year seven-week gauntlet has begun in earnest — looking forward to another interesting and insightful quarter with my students.

Anyway, here are some snapshots. The Tuesday and Thursday ones were shot with BlackBerry camera, yielding results that are much inferior to Wednesday’s. Oh well. Blurry pictures are better than none at all.

The Tuesday morning session kicked off the UGM proper. Over 5,500 attendees were there. The Scarecrow is none other than Judy Faulkner, Epic’s founder and CEO.


Wednesday, between sessions — and playing just a wee bit of hooky midday when there were no breakouts really related to Clarity or other reporting solutions — I enjoyed visiting some of the new campus, took a carriage ride, and even tested out the slide in Heaven.


The UGM wrapped up Thursday. Lunches and the Tuesday dinner were served in a gigantic white tent.


I am in process of ordering my “Top Ten” learnings from the user group, to share internally only with my team at work — so we can get most benefit out of my attendance at the event. Looking forward already to UGM 2011!


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