Epic’s User Group Meeting: The Campfire

I have made it to Madison, Wisconsin for the 2010 UGM (User Group Meeting). As always, UGM is held at Epic’s Verona campus. (For an album of pictures from the various buildings on campus, taken on my last trip this past April, click here.)

The actual meetings start Monday with various advisory councils, with peer-to-peer presentations Tuesday through Thursday. But this evening, we were treated to a good old fashioned wienie roast near the fabled tree house, where Epic employees go to recharge their batteries during the work day — and where pagers are blocked from working.

Here follow some pictures from the event. A couple of Epic folks brought their dogs; the more musically talented among them provided entertainment; and in the crisp early autumn air, the campfires were most welcome as well as efficacious for hot dogs and s’mores.

A good start to my first UGM!


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2 comments on “Epic’s User Group Meeting: The Campfire
  1. Plarent Ymeri says:

    Trying to integrate with Epic Notewriter. Using Clinical Observations Incoming Interface/HLX. We are able to post our values into discreet fields but one of the things that is missing is link to Form ID/Name. Basically, the values are in Epic and you can write reports on them but they are not visible as "+" values in the notewriter buttons. Has anybody integrated with Epic Notewriter? Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. Dawn McNerney says:

    I am looking for anyone with experience in linking EPIC to other software using Alert or Smart Set. Anyone?

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