Jinx’s new temporary playmate

I didn’t know there was such a thing, but for a couple of weeks we’re living in a foster kitten home. This poor little kitty was nothing but skin and bones, and full of fleas, when Rita was asked to foster her for a while. Now, as we all know, dogs rule and cats drool. Plus, she’s not the right color or breed for Rita. And, though this may be still one more allergy I have outgrown, my history of cat allergy (not quite hives, but close) rule out a long term relationship. Good news is, Frederica is now eating well, and let’s just say the other end of the alimentary canal is working too. She begged to be let out of her cage for a little while this evening, and Jinx is playing really nice with her. Jinx must be thinking, “This is way more cool than those squeak toys Mom brings me.” She does seem to have a preoccupation with Frederica’s tail end. I don’t want to know….


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