Catching my breath

I am sure both of my blog subscribers have been waiting with bated* breath for my next post. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I have been just a bit busy.

* Pet peeve of mine — improper usage of the word “bait” instead of “bate” in the familiar phrase. The only creatures with BAITed breath are fish that have been reeled in. My advice is, don’t be one!!!

You see, a few days ago I sat down and counted consecutive days I worked at one or the other (or both) of my two jobs. The number was so large that after I tweeted it, I found I had miscounted! Turns out to have been 47. Joyfully, though, I do have this weekend off. So, what are my plans for the weekend? You guessed it. As little as possible. I need time to recharge the batteries.

Therefore, no political polemics this morning. Yes, I could go on about the continuing and systematic destruction of our constitutional republic by a merry band of misguided Marxists pretending to be descended from Robin Hood. But I will defer that to another time. Time to get out and enjoy the weather. Here in northern Ohio, the April showers just concluded yesterday — May 22. I’m looking forward to what is left of spring. It was wonderful yesterday to get in a bike ride, a reservoir walk, AND tennis ball fetch with Zora.

Tomorrow the merry-go-round starts again, though thankfully just five days at a time; weekend clinicals are finis until September. Our giga-implementation of new EHR software continues on the front burner, along with the long-awaited upgrade to our existing Web-based analytics.

Meantime, I am catching my breath and enjoying life. It is indeed too short to do otherwise. Both my family and my wife’s have suffered untimely deaths recently, and as I pray and ponder, I recall the words of Jesus in John 13:7, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

Happy spring!


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2 comments on “Catching my breath
  1. Sherri says:

    Really, that is like the thought that I often hear spoken by the believers, that goes something like this. god will answer your prayers with action or no action ( or something to that affect) DUH. How does that support the argument that prayers are answered. I personally think there is no supreme deity and if people are waiting for one to save us from earth’s destruction by big oil, the greed of wall street, and nuclear destruction, then good luck. We are here for the duration and it is our responsiblility as members of the human race to be kind to the earth, fellow inhabitants of it, and do what we can to leave something good for others to enjoy after us. Because once it is over, it is over. Once again I cannot keep my thoughts to myself and am sure the rightous right will point out the error of my ways, but I live with someone who does that often enough. But now I feel better. Dave had to put something controversial on here since you are taking the day off. FromA fellow nursing instructor with liberal views of the world.

  2. Dave Yost says:

    I think I struck a nerve.Thanks for your feedback, Sherri. As in the past, I suspect we’ll continue to disagree. There’s much in our lives that is, quite literally, a mystery. Those of us who are Christians are very aware of that on this day as we celebrate the solemnity of Pentecost. The whole concept of the Holy Spirit is nothing if not a mystery.I actually do agree with you that we are to be good stewards of the earthly gifts we enjoy. We all want our descendants to live in a world more fruitful than our own. You and I definitely disagree politically on how we best do that, and spiritually on why.I’ll treat you to beverage of your choice at Starbucks (or elsewhere) any time and we can talk some more. Enjoy the rest of the quarter!

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