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Once again, heavy work schedule and other commitments have depleted my opportunities to post here. I just haven’t had time to sit down and write full-length posts. That said, there is as usual a plethora of disturbing news items. I will summarize several of them in bullet fashion, in no particular order.

  • The health care reform monster that won’t die. Now the Congress critters are working on unconstitutional sleight of hand to ram this through, even though the people have spoken loudly that this style of “reform” is not what we want or need. There’s even talk of the House passing a rule that “deems” the Senate giveaway bill to be approved, at which point the Manchurian President will sign it and – boom – it’s done. What will also be done, if this comes about, is ANY remaining doubt that the party in power is determined to advance its radical agenda notwithstanding the majority of citizens AND the rule of law. As Mark Levin has cogently pointed out, this approach heads us on the road to tyranny and must be aborted before it is too late.
  • The lame stream media are falling all over themselves — since they have time available from not covering the shredding of the Constitution referred to above — covering the so-called “Coffee Parties” that have sprung up this month. The concept is a feeble whack at the genuine people’s outrage at big government that manifested itself in the Tea Party movement. Small groups of Obamabot zombies gather with signs extolling the virtues of government-run health care, getting media attention equal to, or more than, the Tea Party protests. Never mind that the White House has conceived and organized this Astroturf movement, and ignore the fact that you never see more than a few dozen coffee swillers at any one location — contrast that with over a MILLION who descended on Washington last year.
  • More obeisance from the media, this time gleefully bashing Toyota on the reported issues of accelerators sticking, brakes failing, people dying. REAL investigative journalism, as distinct from what is practiced in most quarters these days, reveals that the pattern emerging is one more of driver error than of faulty design by the manufacturer. In one notable case last week, a fellow named James Sikes went public with his horror story. It was quickly found to be a mixture of a bunch of lies and a deliberate attempt to become a victim, thus profiting handsomely from such victimhood. Two articles to help cleanse the palate of the foul-tasting dreck fed to us by the shills for Government Motors:
  • There are other calumnies coming to Congress, which is one reason why they want to dispose of health care so expeditiously. Be on the lookout for illegal alien amnesty as well as another shot at cap-n-tax, otherwise known as a purposeful play at crippling American industry based on false data and false “science” claiming humans to be responsible for global climate change. On the second, I will be very simplistic. See that big yellow thing outside during the daytime, the sun? Notice how it’s warmer when we see it, colder when we don’t? Right now there is sound evidence that cycles of sunspot activity are better correlating with climatic changes on Earth than are greenhouse gas emissions. On the first, there’s obvious political motivation to swell the ranks of voters with people who will vote their way, even when everyone else is fed up with them. But where does this end? By rewarding current illegals for their breaking of the rule of law (see first bullet — think there’s a pattern developing?), the liberals will encourage future generations to break any laws that may be left, requiring another amnesty, etc., etc. Yes, our nation is a nation of immigrants — LAWFUL immigrants, admitted via orderly processes that respected the rule of law.

That’s all for now. Have a good week!



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