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Birthday thanks!

Thanks all for your warm wishes on my birthday. It’s neat seeing the e-mails pour in. Sorry I cannot reply to each one; I tried but it just isn’t working. Work laptop doesn’t permit Facebook access. I considered taking my personal netbook instead,…

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Random Thoughts on MLK Day

I’ve just realized I haven’t posted anything here lately. Surely nobody has noticed. Oh well. I will take this opportunity to toss out a couple of musings on my last day off work for a few weeks. Tomorrow I’ll be at our Cincinnati home office, Wed…

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What’s Ahead for 2010?

First off, warm wishes to all for a healthy and prosperous New Year. In the words of a Facebook friend, hold on tight ’cause this is going to be an awesome year! What’s going to make it awesome? Well, it’s hard to say for certain without one of th…

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