Time for a new vehicle — new to us, that is…

If there's something I love even more than a root canal, it's buying a car. But it's something that has to be done from time to time. Our second vehicle, "Bud," has been showing its age recently. A recent accident that banged up the passenger side doors did not help, and in fact pushed us to the realization that it was time to replace him. (Bud is the blue-green one, in case there were any doubts.)

Well, we bit the bullet today. Rita is overjoyed! It couldn't be any better if we got the kind with the humongous red ribbon on top. It's a 2003 Grand Caravan, very clean, runs smoothly with good pickup. And, of course, it runs even better because it doesn't have to tow a payment book behind it! Yes, the hand trembles a bit when writing out a check with that many numbers on it, but so totally worth it. And even though it is not a Christmas present per se, this is a wonderful week to welcome the new addition. We just need to come up with a name for her (Rita has decided it's definitely a she).


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