You won it. Now see if you can earn it!

I awoke this morning to the sight and sound of nonstop genuflections and hosannas from the TV morning gab shows. Our own President, Barack Hussein Obama (mmm-mmm-mm) is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

What an accomplishment! So recent an addition to the leaders of the world, already being revered for his fulsome accomplishments in the journey toward world peace, reaching out to… to whom?

To dictators and tyrants who hate the USA. To terrorists sympathetic to those responsible for the gruesome attacks of 9/11. To extremists who believe their religion calls on them to conquer the world, trampling on the freedom and liberty of all others.

Here's the element of this zaniness that really has me scratching my head. Obama was inaugurated on January 20. Nominations for the prize were due February 1. So, the voters chose to recognize one of three things:

All the Dear Leader's impact that he was able to exert in exactly twelve days in office; or,
The stirring heights of rhetoric embodied in his speeches before he assumed the office; or,
The expectation of great and glorious things to come.

Monty, I'll choose door number three. Not even the most zealous Obamanaut could claim actual accomplishments worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize in his first twelve days on the job. The speeches beforehand were, yes I remember the sound bite now, "just words." Words alone do not cause peace to happen.

So the electors anticipated, or maybe hoped for, future actions from this man that will make him worthy of such a high tribute. Judging from the record so far, he actually does fit right in with some of the other recent Prize winners. I won't bother naming them here. The reader can look them up and have a nice belly laugh.

Oh. As I reviewed the news of the day, I found that a number of intrepid commentators found a fourth, and possibly clinching reason for Obama's choice: He is not George W. Bush.

Please, President Obama, our country very much needs for you to start acting in ways that actually do promote world peace and reduce the risk of war — in other words, to EARN the great honor you have won. We're just not sure, based on what we have seen so far, there's any real chance of that happening.

Instead, this exercise just looks a lot like the one we had last November 4. Both times, Obama simply found an election where he could fool the voters.
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