Reflections on a Blog Name

No, it is not original. I am sure others have used it. To be honest, at first I thought it just the best I could come up with on very short notice, knowing full well that ANYTHING had to be better than the default, "daveyost's posterous."

Critical Condition.

Hmm. Upon further review, lack of originality aside, not bad.

After all, as an old coronary care nurse I have been responsible for many patients who were in critical condition. And while I do not work at the bedside now, I help my students learn how to provide that same high level of care.

It also aptly describes the state of America's healthcare system, with Medicare and Medicaid hurtling toward insolvency, costs in general rising much higher than inflation — and no "reform" plans poised to pass through the Congress that will do anything other than make matters worse.

And, it does a nice play on words in the sense that any blogger tends to fancy himself a critic of all he surveys. Yeah, a bit of a stretch here, I know, but give me the benefit of the doubt.

So, Critical Condition it is, at least for now.

Finally, as suggested in my inaugural post a couple of weeks back, readers are likely to see a drop-off in original content shortly. Today, as I write this, may well be my last real "day off" work until the middle of November. I am likely to end up taking a vacation day or two during the week just for sanity's sake. And I do always take "off" a couple of days to grade students' nursing process reports, but nobody in their right mind can consider that to be leisure. Therefore, hang in there; I'll try to post some links and pithy thoughts from time to time, if for no reason other than to reward (or torment) repeat visitors.

Thanks for stopping by!
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