Healthcare Reform: Radical Solution to an Agonizing Problem

The healthcare policy debate rages. President Obama just went on for about 50 minutes tonight, and first glance might indicate he has a slam dunk. Universal coverage, costing less than we're paying now, no rationing, no death panels, choice and competition. Had he gone on any longer, no doubt he would have promised lollipops and pink unicorns for all.

Sadly, the last is not to be — and in the incredibly tortuous healthcare landscape of today, actually achieving the others in a single package is not in the cards either. US healthcare is already one of the most heavily regulated sectors of the economy — and the solution is more of the same?

Virtually all agree, as do I, that the current health insurance system is broken and needs reform. But what's needed is a level-headed approach to reordering incentives that recognizes who the real customers are. Both the Demopublicans and Republicrats are prescribing Band-aids for a broken hip. The patient needs major surgery!

The article linked here has been out for a few weeks now. Written by David Goldhill and published in the Atlantic Monthly, it outlines a thorough approach to addressing the issues and finding a way forward that promises to provide catastrophic care benefits to all, provide a safety net for the truly needy, and rein in the outrageous costs of disease care in this country. I have been hoping it would get some real discussion, but unfortunately Goldhill's voice seems to be drowned out by the partisans. I guess too many people feel uneasy about the possibility of their own pet gravy trains being derailed.

Even though this brand-new blog of mine does not bring enough exposure to carry the day with anyone of influence, I offer it up one last time — I previously linked to it on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please read it. It is lengthy, but don't let that scare you away. This is a voice that needs to be heard. If you read only one article on healthcare policy this month, let this be the one! And if what you read makes sense to you, please spread the word to those who can make a difference!


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