Getting my feet wet on Posterous

OK, don’t laugh too hard at the old codger just getting into the blogging pool!

Even though I have been hooked on computing for years (my wife would say attached at the hip), I never got into blogging when it exploded a few years back. I figured, what did I have to add to what had already been said, and who would want to hear it anyway?

Some things have happened since then. One, I have become more engaged in social networking, specifically via Facebook and Twitter. Now it’s interesting that I basically have different personae on those sites. Several of my Facebook friends are very ardent liberals, and I am not into getting them riled up with each of my posts. Meanwhile, I will sometimes often use Twitter to follow political happenings and, well, vent on the direction I see our nation headed.

Two, as I have become acclimated to both communities, I have amazingly found there are actually some people who do value what I have to say. This emboldens me to check out the blog stuff more closely. Building the “Dave Yost brand” is probably an overstatement, but I am seeing an upside now to maintaining a blog.

But — it has to be low maintenance. I am a busy guy, and in a couple of weeks when fall quarter kicks off, my weekends will be out for leisure pursuits such as these. So, I seek a soapbox that is drop-dead easy to climb on, with a plus being the ability to selectively update my other SN presences. Plus, discretion is always advised; for example, I work for a large healthcare concern, and healthcare is at the epicenter of US politics as I write this. All that said, bear with me as I dip my toes into the waters of the blogosphere (oooh, clumsy metaphor there). I don’t know yet how strong or influential a voice mine will be, and ultimately that should not matter. Because I have a number of different passions — nursing, IT in general and healthcare analytics in particular, nursing education, conservatism, etc. — my Posterous posts may be a bit scattershot at times. You can always go and click on something else. After all, it’s a free country — for the moment, at least!

Do feel free to provide feedback; I will try to address as my schedule allows. Thanks for reading!


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